June 25th 2017

Ridgefield Park, NJ

Tricia's Trotters

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"Tricia's Trotters" is running in memory of Tricia's sister, Susan Lipani, who was diagnosed at age 12 with bone cancer and died at age 22. She was a graduate of Fordham University, where she majored in studio arts. Friends and colleagues said that Susan was tireless in her volunteerism, all of which centered on helping young children with life-threatening illnesses. Summer after summer, she returned to work as a counselor at Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for children with cancer. Susan was a child life intern/volunteer at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, a volunteer at Gilda's Club in NYC and a speaker for TCF.

Susan had an intense love affair with the world. She loved it and loved herself in it and knew how much she had to give. At her high school graduation she won the award for the top female activist in the county, the Outstanding Teen Award from the Noxema Foundation and the Sen. Bill Bradley Award with Distinction for Outstanding Volunteerism.

Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, has honored her with the Lipani Gallery housing photography works of their students.

Susan is missed by her three sisters, Tricia, Lauren and Allison (pictured).

Our Team

Abby Lorge $25
Allison Feenaughty $50
- for susie! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Andrea Stone $50
Anonymous $50
- Hi Margaret! This is Marci, Linda Lipani's daughter. God bless you and the family. ❤️
Anonymous $20
- In memory of our former neighbor Susan Lipani
Anonymous $25
Arlene Nealis $20
- Love our Lipani Long Beach Island cousin memories! ❤️
Barbara Lipani $125
Britt Kahn $50
- With love for the Lipani family
Bryant Palmer $100
- Lots of love to all the Lipanis
Carlyn Coe $200
Carolina Sheehan $35
Christine Ferrise $200
Cindy Kalbfleisch $35
Claire Panke $20
Courtney Youngblood (Ford) $125
- Susie's love and spirit continues on. We miss you beautiful Susie! Love to you all. XO
Diane Bates $5
Donna Castronovo $50
- IMO Susie-your smile shines in our hearts❣️
Dorothy Posey Moore $20
- She certainly left her mark on the world in her too short life. Beautiful girl Margaret.
Ed and Pat Crocco $10
- In honor of your family and the beautiful memories of your sweet angel!
Erica and David Lipani $125
Eve Picower $50
- Love and support.
Flemington Car and Truck Country $50
- Thank you for the opportunity to support Tomorrows Children's Fund!
Giuliana Sheehan $27.75
Holly Gilligan $25
Hunterdon Siding & Window Company $100
Janet McDevitt $125
Janice Deo-Jones $35
- Love you all!!!
Jeanne Lloyd $35
Joanne Casale $35
- Miss you cousin
Joanne and John Leddy $50
John Lipani $500
Karen (Hade) Johnson $35
Kathy Pumillo $10
- For all those fighting and for all those that fought courageously God Bless You and your families..... ❤
Knights of Columbus, #10627 $100
Kristin Bianco $200
Krisy Nasto $25
Lauren Lipani $30
Linda Lipani $25
- Very happy to contribute in honor of Susan.
Lisa Schwenderman $10
Lynn Hoffman $5
- In loving memory of a very beautiful person inside and out.
Marcella Natale $25
Margaret Lipani $27.75
Margaret Tomcho $50
Mary Best $25
Mary Branflick $50
Mary Haas $40
Nancy Kastrup $50
Nancy Mallory $25
Nancy Shearer $25
Navneet Miller $35
Nina Gelardi $35
Pam Lipani $125
Patricia Lewis $20
- Thank you for doing this for all the families and in memory of Susie.
Paul Lipani $27.75
Sandy Catenaro $10
Sarah Porath $125
- Happy Birthday Sue❤️❤️ I miss you every day. Shine on.
Susan Edelstein $50
- Friend of the famiky
The Clother Family $10
The Siegman Family $50
Tiger family $20
Tricia Lipani $27.75
Wendy Garcia $125
- Miss you Susie♡
Yvette Michael $50
- With much love to all the Lipanis xoxo
peter leddy $50
- in memory of Susan Lipani from Linda Shumaker and Peter Leddy



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