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Kicking Cancers Ass since 2003

Tomorrows Children's Fund was there for me during my battle with pediatric cancer, now it is my turn to return the favor. Please help me reach my goal, so that Tomorrows Children's Fund will be able to assist other familys affected by pediatric cancer for years to come.

With that said on September 16, 2003 on a gloomy as Tuesday I was brought in to Tomorrows Children's Institute (TCI) at Hackensack Hospital for a few tests due to an enlarged spleen and low blood count. Not knowing what these tests were ultimately conducted for, I went it with an open mind. That was up until I saw an individual who could have been no older than 16 wheeling around in a wheelchair with one leg. It was at that time I realized these were no ordinary tests, rather they would determine the outcome of the rest of my life. After completing the tests I was brought into a room to meet my parents and doctors, and from the moment I walked into that room I knew my life was about to change. Cancer, Leukemia, Chemotherapy three words I never imagined would ever been associated with me were being said by these doctors, and what seemed like an important conversation to listen to I just could not seem to pay attention. I had a few other choice words floating around in my head, but those are for another time.

To keep it this post short...over the next 2 and a half years I missed out on a year of school, countless hangouts with friends, and even watched my dream of playing hockey at an elite level disappear. As you can imagine I was not only upset about missing out on my teenage years, but I was pissed off at the world for choosing me. That was until I realized I could not let cancer define who I was! I had to live my life how I wanted to live my life, not how cancer wanted me to. With that mindset and an unbelievable support team I was able to tackle the next 2 plus years of chemo, and ultimately kick cancers ass!

Are there times in life I think about what could have happened if I was never diagnosed with cancer, OF COURSE! If I could go back to that day and start over without having cancer would I, you bet your butt I would. But the truth of the matter is you cannot change the past, and I cannot change that I had cancer...But what WE can do is help change the future! Please help me by joining my team, Scott's Cancer Cowboys for the Tomorrows Children's Fund 5K and Family Mile. The run will be taking place Sunday, June 25, 2017.



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