June 24th 2018

Ridgefield Park, NJ


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Please join us in walking to support the Tomorrows Children's Fund. This organization has and still is helping us get through the most difficult time in our lives. What they do for children battling pediatric cancer and rare blood disorders is absolutely amazing. From the financial help, planned events, and so much more, they keep a smile on their faces which keeps a smile on ours.

I am placing a group t-shirt order for anyone who didn't get one last year, or anyone who just wants to show their support for Alex.

The day before Thanksgiving 2016, our world was turned upside down when Alex was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (T-LLy). Four words no parent ever wants to hear are "Your child has cancer".

Alex had been sick for a few weeks with what we thought were severely swollen tonsils, glands and adenoids. After a trip to the ENT, it was suggested that mono was ruled out before proceeding to remove his tonsils. To our surprise, the blood test for mono came back positive. As there is no treatment for mono, we were told to let it run its course and things will get better. Alex was having a lot of difficulty breathing since everything was so swollen.
His glands on the sides of his neck were the size of baseballs! When things didn't get any better after a week, I kept calling and calling to tell them there had to be something else they could do! We were told to see his regular pediatrician for another opinion, I was lucky enough to get an appointment that same day. It was then that our pediatrician took one look at Alex and turned pale. I knew something was wrong. Another doctor was called in to the room to assess him. They then stepped out of the room to talk about their thoughts together, something wasn't right. I was told to go home and wait for his phone call, that he was going to get Alex to see a specialist that same day.
Our doctor called me nearly 30 minutes later and told me to head to HUMC Pediatric ER, he had a team of doctors waiting for Alex's arrival... It looks like Lymphoma.
When we got there, everything happened so fast. Cat scans, blood tests, X-rays. Sitting in a room in the pediatric ER for nearly 6 hours, to finally have a team of 10 doctors enter the room. They all pulled up chairs and had somber looks on their faces and it was then that my heart sank. They are definitely about to tell us news that we don't want to hear . "Your son has a mass in his chest and multiple masses in his neck". Wait...... What?? How?? When?? These were all questions that raced through my mind. I immediately went in to Dr. Mom mode and tried to talk through all of the medical jargon I've learned over the years and try to make sense of it all. The next few days was like being in a tornado. So many emotions, so many decisions, so many questions. Everything happened so fast. There was no time to prepare for what we were about to go through. But as with every parent that goes through this, you have no choice but to roll with it all and push forward.
We are now 6 months in to long term maintenance with another year of treatment to go. Things are starting to feel a little bit more normal. Alex is able to play t-ball, go back to Karate and is registered for Kindergarten for the fall!!

No family should ever have to go through anything like this, but Tomorrow's Children's Fund has been there providing the guidance and support we need to keep our head above water.
Please come walk with us in support of this amazing foundation. I couldn't imagine this journey without them!!




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