June 24th 2018

Ridgefield Park, NJ

Walking For Tomorrow

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I would like to thank my friends, family, and teachers for the help and support that they have provided. Thank you Conwell tigers for everything!!!
Yo queiro darle las gracias a mis amigos y familiares y maestros for la ayuda incondicional que me an dado. Muchas gracias a los conwell tigres por todo.

Our Team

Alejandro Olivares $35
- Helping the cause of my student Xavier Delgado. He is a wonderful kid.
Alison Doffont $27.75
Ayaxy Podulka $27.75
Bramson-Joseph Family $25
- From your PS3 family
Caitlin Lowry $27.75
Darren Mischel $27.75
- Xavier is a true Conwell Tiger!!!! ROAR!!
Diana Velez $27.75
- We love you very much Xavier!
Dulce Delgado $27.75
- Walking for a better tomorrow
Edith Delgado $27.75
Emily Chaghasbanian $27.75
Ester Moquete $27.75
Evelyn Santiago $50
- Be Brave, Be Strong. God is with you! With Love the Santiago Family
Frederick Biga $100
Jaime Altschul $35
- Go XAVIER!!!!!!YOU ARE STRONG AND PS 3 will always stand with you ! Ms.Altschul
Jodi Zaleck $35
Juan Carlos Restrepo $27.75
Kim Hyle $35
Linda Isabel $27.75
Linda Isabel $35
Lissette Delgado $389.75
- This donation is from P.S#3 FRANK CONWELL teachers and students who support and care for Xavier. We always wish you the best ! ROCK ON XAVIER.
Luis Cespedes $27.75
Maria Delgado $27.75
Mercy Cespedes $27.75
Monica Valenciano $27.75
- Xavier you are brave, strong and awesome!!! I 100% support you, Xavier and your wonderful family! Ms. Valenciano
Nataliz Araujo $35
- Sending Xavier love and support!
Nilda Sanchez $27.75
Raymond Podulka $27.75
Reynaldo Delgado $27.75
- I LOVE YOU xavy
Rita Turok $27.75
Sandra Vargas $27.75
- I support you Xavier, you are a very stong boy!
Shannon Wildstein $77.75
Sharon Carroll $25
Team Xavier $50
Xavier Delgado
- Thank you
Yisell Delgado $27.75
- Love you baby
carole shulman $35
- best of luck



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