June 24th 2018

Ridgefield Park, NJ

Crossover runs for Princess Nani

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It’s Not About How Hard You Hit. It’s How Hard You Get Hit And Keep Moving Forward!

Lianni was an energetic, happy 3 year old who loved to dance. In September of of 2011 she all of sudden started walking with a limp. We thought it was due to a fall she had off one of the kitchen chairs. But as a week passed by it was not getting any better. We took her to her doctor who examined her and told us to give it another week to see if her limp got better. Another week passed and instead of better it got worst. At her follow up appointment the doctor explained a few possibilities and decided he wanted to run some blood test. Two days after they drew her blood we received a call from her doctor and he stated that there has to be an error in the blood work and we should go have it drawn again right away. We went that same day and received a call the next day from her doctor that we should take her to the emergency room and get her bone marrow tested. The trip to the emergency room was the start of long journey. On October 7, 2011 we were told the words no parent wants to here, "Your daughter has Cancer." She was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). Then we found ourselves in a room with various doctors who started to go over what the next 2 and half years of her life will be. On October 10, 2011 her Chemotherapy journey began with a surgery to have her port placed. The first month was the toughest. We saw our energetic, dancing 3 year old stop dancing. She was no longer able to walk but the one thing that never changed was her feeling of being happy. In her eyes it was always a beautiful sunny day. After a month of hospitalizations and steroids another bone marrow aspiration was done. Her diagnosis changed to High Risk but she was in REMISSION and slowly started to walk again. The next few months and year were filled of different chemo treatment, hospital stays, emergency room visits whenever she had a fever, port access with the numbing cream, spinal taps, sleepy medicine, needles, etc.
Fast forward to January 31, 2014, her last pill was taken and her chemotherapy was over. But of the things she encountered the only thing she remembers is the playroom. She always wanted to go to hospital to play in the playroom and still does. Since then Clinic visits went from every month to now every six months and Gracias a Dios every visit we are told all is good.
So join us on June 24th to honor our Superhero Princess Nani and help raise funds for this wonderful organization that brings a smile to children and families.
And always remember no matter what It's a Beautiful Sunny Day!!



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